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Choose The Best HIV PEP In Singapore

PEP Singapore
5 Sep

Choose The Best HIV PEP In Singapore

PEP ┬áSingapore or Post-Exposure Prophylaxis is a means to avoid HIV infection. We usually do so after a potential exposure from a contaminated individual carrier. The medicine is only going to let you take drugs for three (3) days. If you’re prescribed with PEP, you can take it once to twice per day for twenty-eight (28) days.

Taking the medication can lead to nausea and fatigue. When you’re on medication, you should take PEP daily during the exact same time. A good deal of people are confused if take HIV PEP. To give you a brief idea, below are some cases where you should want to take PEP:

1. 72 hours hasn’t yet passed after you’ve been exposed to HIV

2. You’ve contacted with someone’s bodily fluid that’s infectious. Parts of your body that’s been infected are eyes, mouth, vagina, and anus

3. An open ended has direct contact with someone’s bodily fluid that’s infectious

4. The source of vulnerability is infected.

HIV is a disease all of us don’t want. 1 mistake can affect your life so make certain that you’re knowledgeable about these topics. Perhaps you are able to spread awareness in order to be informed about the HIV disease and the way HIV PEP can help you as it’s well known.


This is only a few of the things that you need to know about HIV PEP. If you think you’ve been exposed to HIV recently during intercourse, sharing of needles, or have been sexually assaulted, don’t be afraid to take PEP straight away!