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Compare Nursing Home And Kaijian Care

compare nursing homes
28 Sep

Compare Nursing Home And Kaijian Care

A nursing home is a type of residential care. In generalized term, a nursing home is a private /publicly owned institution aimed at providing care to persons who do not need to be in healthcare institutions but are taken care of at homes however some may be located in hospitals. Nursing homes are staffed with high quality nurses and proper nursing aide equipment which aids in the rehabilitation of the clients. They either provide short care while some could provide long stay care at the facilities. Some of the ailments that are usually monitored at a nursing home are:- care or the elderly, mentally retarded people among others.

Kaijian Care is a China foreign funded nursing home center with Shanghai and Beijing being their centers. Cascade health care , which manages the Kaijian care is a world class example of n expensive nursing home . The facility offers high quality professional care for its residents. The residents feel as if they are at home due to the big family effect of interaction at the facility. It was set up by Emeritus senior living, a United States operator that partnered with Columbia Pacific Management. The Nursing care team rehabilitates the aged and develop a health care plan for them thus ensuring they live a healthy life; preventing any future health complications that may arise.

Comparing Nursing homes to Kaijian Care

In comparing nursing homes, there are factors of essence that need to be considered. These are :- the kind of services they offer, the kind of staff they have, their performance over the years on healthcare, how well they take care of their patients/residents and their healthcare costs among others.

  • Nutrition 

In a normal nursing home, the patients are fed (orally, intravenously, parenteral) according to the standards of care of an institution. At Kaijian care the residents are fed three meals a day and are on expert nutrition consultation. The latter professional may not be found in most nursing homes.

  • Expertise services 

In Kaijian care they specialize on the elderly care where they have implemented different rehabilitation programs that enable overall care of each patient thus enabling each patient get the required attention. In normal nursing homes, care is offered on different specialties. A nursing home could be specializing on taking care of cancer patients, others for orthopedic clients while others may specialize on female geriatrics.

  • Staff 

In terms of employing high quality staff, Kaijian care offers world class healthcare due to the fact that they employ skilled personnel. These include physicians, specialist doctors, nurses, therapist, and nutritional consultants among others. In normal nursing homes it’s difficult to get such a well-equipped multidisciplinary team.

To sum up, it’s overly optimistic to conclude that Kaijian Care provides an all rounded geriatric nursing care. It has all the standards required for a well-equipped nursing home with additional extras.