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Reduce The Risk Of HIV By Taking HIV PEP

1 Sep

Reduce The Risk Of HIV By Taking HIV PEP

Reduce The Risk Of HIV By Taking HIV PEP

HIV PEP Singapore clinic is a place with comprehensive concept and strategy related to a specific treatment of exposed to HIV. It is designed to halt HIV negative consequences. The main parameters of the approach should be as follows, in order to consider the case as a subject to it. For the exposure to the infection to be blocked, there should be less than 72 hours of the incident. The HIV status is either not known, or the individual is not infected, or is known to be infected. A special therapy, reducing the infection risk to a large extent, should be launched within hours.

HIV PEP follows whom recommendations for the different exposures. Case-by-case approach is widely practiced. Any decision for a PEP therapy is duly taken after a thorough and detailed analysis of the interrelation between risk and benefit for the individual. Upon request of the patient, male and female experts and doctors are available, and the two types of PEP, occupational and non-occupational, may be discussed with them to determine the appropriate scheme of treatment.

The latest international standards guide experts when applying the medication or its combinations to avoid different side effects, and, at the same time, to prevent the infection effectively. The duration of taking the different medicines is also considered, according to the individual case. The HIV PEP cost varies, and it may include consultation and different tests, as well as medication. Usually, there are appropriate installment plans for credit card payments.

The HIV PEP Singapore clinic treatment falls under strict conditions of confidentiality. Private data may be released, however, to an insurer of the individual, for example. For a HIV PEP prescription, however, the individual should be registered as a patient. There is no need for registration for HIV testing. There is also a specific window period, which is 3 months in Singapore, and indicates the time of exposure related to HIV detection. If a specific social behavior has led to a need for PEP treatment, emergency departments may prescribe it.

HIV PEP may reduce the infection probability after exposure in different manners. Frequent use of PEP, however, when the individual has unprotected sexual relation with an HIV-positive partner, is not recommended. There is a different approach to stay safe. The PEP and its follow-up phases enjoy high success rates, although it is not 100 % guaranteed.